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Why, first and foremost – we’re here to help y’all have fun!  We can provide any combination of an Old West Shootout, an Old West Skills Show, or some nice quiet Old West Characters. Drop us a note in that new-fangled interweb and we’ll get right back to y’all!

At the Guns of the Golden West, we take care to provide all our clients high quality performances personalized for their unique needs. We are family-friendly, humorous and daring in our presentations. Our characters are professional, courteous and highly entertaining. We are fully insured and handle all permitting requirements for performances as part of our services. Of course, we’re always ready to pose for one of those new-fangled picture taking boxes with your guests! We offer performances for many types of events including but not limited to: Weddings, Birthdays Parties, Corporate Events, Stampede Parties, Barbeques, Parades, Anniversaries, Heritage Days, Fairs, Historical Sites, Museums, and Fundraisers, just to name a few!

Old West Shootouts

In the old west, disputes and differences of opinion were sometimes resolved with the exchange of hot lead and burned powder. As entertainment, we can provide re-enactment shootout shows that are improvised or scripted, fictitious or based on an actual historical event. Often the show can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific event, such as interaction with the audience. Ideas such as a mock arresting or bounty-capturing of the birthday boy or girl or company VIP’s, or other scenarios such as mock bank or train robberies, as well as many other ideas of your choosing can all be incorporated.

How May We Entertain You?

Old West Skills Show

The ways of life and equipment of the era often gave way to the need for people such as cowboys, scouts, and hunters to refine their ability to effectively use equipment they depended on as part of earning their living. Quickness, ability to handle, and accuracy with a firearm and other equipment such as whips and ropes were handy skills to have. Likewise, outlaws, lawmen, and other colorful personalities of the era often had reputations that could be made or broken based on their prowess with such equipment. As entertainment, we can provide demonstrations of such skills as fast draw, trick shooting, and gun-handling in various forms.

Old West Characters

Guests have a chance to see first-hand the styling, purpose, and history behind some of the Victorian-era styled outfitting and equipment used by settlers of the Old West in the latter half of the 19th Century. Guests also get an opportunity to speak to colorful characters who are portraying the era, some of which include townsfolk, gun-slingers, gamblers, scouts, cattlemen, ranch-hands, lawmen, outlaws, bounty hunters, ladies, and women of the evening. Without any shooting taking place, this is the quietest of all the options.

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