Listen up, lickety split!

Y’all settle down while we school ya on how Gunslingers, Townfolk, Buckaroo’s and Fallen Doves lived in the last half of the 1800’s. Well, first and foremost – we make y’all laugh while we’re teaching them there young’uns (and a few of those young’uns at heart) about what the Ole’ West was all about. We have a darn big repertoire of events to impress y’all with – includin’  barkin’ our irons to get us some gold from that ole’ steam engine. Shootouts to prove with no doubt who the fastest gun in the West is! Official-like reenactments of history (or maybe that was her story, as she recalls it!). Heck, we’ll show y’all how we spin them irons and hog-tie them there cattle rustlers.

Our gang can show you how some of them there cheatin’ poker games were settled! We’ll be tearin’ up Jake and makin a passel of noise to get your group going… And if’n ya want us to, we’ll talk a donkey’s hind leg off! We might’n make a hellaballo, but we’ll leave ya smilin’ and maybe a knowin’ a bit more about life through the eyes of your great granpappy and grammy.  If’n y’all prefer we be shy and demure, we can (with a passel of effort) restrain ourselves and be quiet and colorful only!

Old West “Edu-tainment” since 1981

  • Old West Shootouts
  • Historical Re-enactments
  • Period-Authentic Costuming & Firearms
  • Gun Spinning
  • Trick Shooting
  • ​Fast Draw
  • Educational Presentations
  • Motivation and Team Building
  • Outlaws, Lawmen, Bounty Hunters, and Townsfolk For Hire
  • Contact us to Help Make Your Event a Success!

How Can We Entertain You?

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