Listen Up for a Spell…

Y’all settle in while we school ya on how Gunslingers, Townsfolk, Buckaroo’s and Ladies of the Evening lived in the last half of the 1800’s. Well, first and foremost – we make y’all laugh while we’re teaching them there young’uns (and a few of those young’uns at heart) about what the Old West was all about. We have a fair size repertoire of events to impress y’all with – includin’  barkin’ our irons to get us some gold from that old steam engine. Shootouts to prove with no doubt who the fastest gun in the West is! Official-like re-enactments of history (or maybe that was her story, as she recalls it!). Heck, we’ll show y’all how we spin them irons and hog-tie them there cattle rustlers.

Our gang can show you how some of them there cheatin’ poker games were settled! We’ll be tearin’ up Jake and makin a passel of noise to get your group going… And if’n ya want us to, we’ll talk a donkey’s hind leg off! We might’n make a hellaballo, but we’ll leave ya smilin’ and maybe a knowin’ a bit more about life through the eyes of your great granpappy and grammy.  If’n y’all prefer we be shy and demure, we can (with a passel of effort) restrain ourselves and be quiet and colorful only!

Old West Entertainment Since 1981

  • Old West Shootout Shows
  • Historical Re-enactments
  • Period-Authentic Costuming & Firearms
  • Gun Spinning
  • Trick Shooting
  • ​Fast Draw
  • Educational Presentations
  • Motivation and Team Building
  • Outlaws, Lawmen, Bounty Hunters, and Townsfolk For Hire
  • Contact Us to Help Make Your Event a Success!

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