The Guns of the Golden West is happy to present our Associates and a short Bio about them.  Our character portrayals range from Gunfighters, Lawmen, Sharpshooters, Soldiers and Townsfolk of all descriptions.  Our associates are multi- talented and offer exceptional skills representing all aspects of Old West lifestyle and culture.

Our Rangers & Rattlesnakes


When we have to git somewhere far, we jump on our stagecoach for a nice modern ride!


Over the years our float has changed a mite – have a gander!


When the jobs a big one, our cannon will help get us get through the bank wall mighty quick!

Balloon Wheel

Some of our newer members need some trainin’ on how to shoot quick!

Frankie T. Slater

Although very much a family woman, you won’t ever find her separated from her Colt .45. She turns into a Mama Griz if any of her family is ever threatened. She fits right into the Slater Family’s reputation when it comes to honor, but they don’t take kindly to double-crossers, whatever side of the law yer on.

Texas Mickey

He’s an amazing tracker and sharp shooter, so you never want to get on his bad side or ever become his prey. As the patriarch of the Slater family, he’s living up to his family’s reputation.

Maverick Slater

One of the elder sons of the notorious Slater family. There’s quite a mix in the family with some outlaws and some lawmen. They also have a little dog named Bullet.


As part of the Slater clan, quick tempered and slow on the draw. I have to fix that! I may be the youngest, but I’m a quick learner. I have a lot of Slaters to learn from.


on accountin’ he’s a stubborn ole SOB (Son of a barn dog)

Idaho Jack

A wandering cattle hand, good with a horse and quick with a shooting iron. Often found at the Saloon’s card table, with his back to the wall watching for the local lawman. Known to associate with Texas cattle rustlers…

Monte Walsh


Big Hugh

I may be an old retired lawman that’s not so fast anymore, but I’m sneaky enough to still win against the bad guys!

Our Fancy Firearms

Here are a few pics of some of the firearms we use!

School Marm Mary

She’ll learn ya the 3 R’s!

6 Horse Sammy














Bridger James



One of the founding fathers of the club in 1971, BigIron started and formed the Guns of the Golden West association in 1980.  While a sharpshooter, he also plays rhythm guitar.



Mysterious Dave

Known for his taciturn personality, Dave was a sailor who ventured west to Dodge City and the Santa Fe country. Dave was a saloon keeper, ranchman, and ruthless gunslinger, working both sides of the law with Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Some say he was killed robbing a train in Dallas, others say he rode northwest to join the NWMP. You decide.

Evret Dawson


Slightly Scared Running Rabbit

Don’t mess with this Brave – he can outrun you!

The Metis Kid

AKA Clayton Moore, a Scout, Guide and Trapper. After joining Riel’s Rebels and fighting in The North-West Rebellion of 1885, He became the most feared Bounty Hunter and gunman in the North West. To this day his final whereabouts are still unknown.

Little Giant

He talks slow and gentle – ’til you get him riled up!

Rattlesnake Jake


Wagon Skinner

Skinner needs to drag the dead folk away, and bring the gold dust to town!


She;s a right nice Lady, ’til you upset her – than watch out!!

Yuma Kid

By now, I’ve worked enough outfits to know the straight shooters from the let’s-go-easies.

Silver Eye

A legend in our troupe.  Some say he’s gone, some say they hear him when the moon is full and the wind is howling…





Sahara Sarah

Forged in the Alberta Rockies; hardened by prairie winter blasts; and tempered by soft Arabian winds: Sahara Sarah is one tough Mama with a soft spot for hard luck cases.

Judge Robert McFee

They used to call him the Schofield Kid however he has grown long in the tooth now they just call him the “Judge”

He still carries his Schofields’ but has added a triple barrel 12 gauge for fun. He shoots straight but his arm is crooked as heck, an officiant of justifiable trials, shotgun weddings, and righteous funerals

Lil’ Duke


Wild Riley

Riley Richmond is neither with or against the law. As a ranch owner and gun for hire Richmond has made a name for himself. Dubbed Wild Riley due to the Dodge City incident where he intervened with the law to protect the city and then shot the sheriff in self defence. Known to have a short fuse when provoked Wild Riley is not one to have on your bad side

Crazy Chester

A down-and-out broke cowpoke. Quick with a whip, even quicker with a smile!


This could be you!

Shady Zeke

Former lawman now bounty hunter, with Shady dealins’ he always gets his man (or gal)!

Black Bart

Says carrying 2 guns is better than 1. Isn’t above cheatin’ at cards & romancin’ married ladies! Lives by the cree, “Keep yur powder dry & straight shootin”

Katy Bell

Forget the running shoes, this Italian wears cowboy boots.

Granny Smith & Wesson

Known as an agriculturalist because she is always planting at Boothill.

Bob ‘Bullet Tooth’ Barton

Even the devil fears my name! The riding legend of the prairie and everyone knows. Whether it’s time for justice or the dark side of the law. The people of the land will know who to fear!

BB Bruns

A hitman and range rider with a BB stuck in his eyebrow from an old gunfight that has made him cautious but treacherous. He don’t drink downstream from the herd or squat with his spurs on. He’s easier to go around than over but either can rile him.


Known for his steely gaze and his goofy smile, nobody is quite sure what is wrong with him. Some say he was once a carpenter, but it just didn’t pay as good as gun slinging


A badass shootist for hire. I am proficient with a down under sharps long range 45-70 up to a thousand yards. And although I don’t advertise it, I am good with my peacemaker 45LC single action revolvers. I have 22 notches in the stock of my sharps rifle, from the civil war, where I ranked captain with the rebel army. “Keep a tight rein on er!”

Gentleman Joe

A snappy dresser and protector of the innocents.

Montana Kid

A shotgun is always better than a pistol!


Couple of those new fangled picture-taking machines when we was posse’d up!

Accomodation – 1st Class!

When we have some travellin’ to do, our home on the road suits quite well! (as long as not much of that white stuff is blowin’…

Train Travellin’

If there’s more than a few of us we take the train – often we accept donations from our fellow travellers.  Sometimes, they take a bit of persuading – but mostly they be quite friendly-like…once we neighborly show our shootin’ irons…

This could be You!

Howdy Pard! Come join our group and have the most fun you can with your boots on!

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