Our Rangers & Rattlesnakes

The Guns of the Golden West is happy to present our Associates and a short Bio about them.  Our character portrayals range from Gunfighters, Lawmen, Sharpshooters, Soldiers and Townsfolk of all descriptions.  Our associates are multi- talented and offer exceptional skills all aspects of Old West lifestyle and culture.


A down-and-out broke cowpoke. Quick with a whip, even quicker with a smile!


She can often be found chasin’ Curly around & is fast as lightning with her shootin’ irons!


Former lawman now bounty hunter, with Shady dealins’ he always gets his man (or gal)!


Says carrying 2 guns is better than 1. Isn’t above cheatin’ at cards & romancin’ married ladies! Lives by the cree, “Keep yur powder dry & straight shootin”


Forget the running shoes, this Italian wears cowboy boots.


Known as an agriculturalist because she is always planting at Boothill.

BB Bruns

A hitman and range rider with a BB stuck in his eyebrow from an old gunfight that has made him cautious but treacherous. He don’t drink downstream from the heard or squat with his spurs on. He’s easier to go around than over but either can rile him.

Bullet Tooth

Even the devil fears my name! The riding legend of the prairie and everyone knows. Whether it’s time for justice or the dark side of the law. The people of the land will know who to fear!


Known for his steely gaze and his goofy smile, nobody is quite sure what is wrong with him. Some say he was once a carpenter, but it just didn’t pay as good as gun slinging


A badass shootist for hire. I am proficient with a down under sharps long range 45-70 up to a thousand yards. And although I don’t advertise it, I am good with my peacemaker 45LC single action revolvers. I have 22 notches in the stock of my sharps rifle, from the civil war, where I ranked captain with the rebel army. “Keep a tight rein on er!”

Jumpin’ Joe

A snappy dresser and protector of the innocents.


A shotgun is always better than a pistol!

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